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Hope you got a chance to see my quick video on YouTube. If not, take a moment to listen and or watch at your leisure "Click here" If you would be so kind as to like, comment, subscribe, and share; please and thank you. You're the best! Okay, now that we've gotten that out of the way, let's get down to business. Transitioning in life is obviously a thing, whether we like it or not. Some transitions are cool or not. Some are minute or mind-blowing. Some are expected or planned and then there are those that turn your entire world upside down and you begin to question rather or not God likes you. Like c'mon man this who strongest soldier this is overrated. I know good and well I am not the only one. Don't lie to yourself or me.

Anywho, life is like a box of legos create it the best way you can, but keep up with all your pieces because if you step on one of those little suckers you might create some curse words. Not sure where that analogy came from, but you get my drift. Fall of 2021 I was in a pretty rough space. Life truly happened to me. I was at a really low point in my life and was seeking a community of friends, relatable people, or just something to shift my focus from my current life situations. I purchased this journal online and joined a group of women online that were also unknowingly looking for direction in life or alignment. Alignment with God.

As the meeting and journaling went forward I began to see reasons why I was out of wack. I was out of alignment with God. I was not living my calling. FYI calling and purpose are not the same. You find so many generics quoting the same thing. As a follower of Christ, everyone's purpose is to get others to Christ your calling is the tool(s) you use to get them there. 2021 was a transitional year for me. Transitions are necessary. Some create an entirely new road. Some course corrects you. Either way, transitions happen to get you from one place to another and or get you to the "next" level. You're opening a new business, it's necessary steps, but those steps can be large or small. Instead of giving you continued examples of what transition is and why it is necessary. Let's schedule some one-on-one time or make it a group activity with your mommy to be club. Fellas over 40. Foodie bingers lol. I don't know. Either way, let's make it happen, captain, together.

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