Give me some sun!

Who doesn't like fun in the sun? Oddly, there are a few out there. Sometimes the sun can be draining, let's just be honest. If it's not ocean waves, a walk in the park or working in the garden how many of us truly appreciate the sun rays? Sunlight is our natural Vitamin D. Honestly, most of us do not get the recommended amount of Vitamin D that we should. Sure we can get it through the foods that we eat, but with soccer practice, business meetings and finding the time to sleep do we really get all the nutrients that we need? Have you ever wondered if you were Vitamin D deficient? There's a few things that may make you more deficient than others, those can include:

Being over 40

Living in the northern latitude

Not eating a well-balanced diet

Expressing stress on a regular bases

The right amount of vitamin D can provide all kinds of health benefits. Some of those benefits include and definitely not limited it:

Stronger immune system

Better mood and emotional balance

Bone and muscle health

Cognitive function

These are all things that we likely don't think of when we may not be getting all the Vitamin D we need. Let's focus on better health, brain function protection, enhanced detoxification and even support heart health. Click the link below to learn more.

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