Decluttering your life

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Welcome back! Hope you got a chance to watch last week's video on "Life Transition" or took a glance at the short blog post about it. If not, take a moment to read and or listen. Take a few notes and then come back here. When you go back, do me a favor and like, subscribe, comment and share with at least three people that you spoke to this week. Everyone can use a good word of encouragement. You never know how you would bless someone's life. Hey, they may buy you a cup of coffee or muffin as a thank you. Pay it forward type of thing.

The man above is doing some inventory. To run a successful business, there should always be a level of inventory being taken. It can be physical inventory, digital inventory, or analyzing your data to see how and here y can improve. A large part of taking inventory is getting rid of things AND people that you do not need. I did not speak of cutting off people in my YouTube video, but getting rid of people in your life that are not adding to your life, it is time for them to go. Boundaries my friend. Then there are times where you need to get rid of the person out of your life altogether. Love them from a distance or cut ties. It depends on the toxic level and other factors. Take a quick listen to the video on how to begin decluttering your life.

There's a voiceover floating on social media that says something in reference to if your home feels more like a home you wouldn't mind being home. Those that do not like to be home don't feel comfortable at home. In the process of making my home feel more homie, safe, peaceful, or anything better than the outside world I purchased these little convenient, easy to put together shelves to organize my books. Find what works for you, but make your home more comfortable.

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